Stop the arms trade

While the Middle East is burning, the arms industry becomes rich through EU subsidies. While thousands of refugees are drowning in the Mediterranean, the arms industry earns billions by arming the European borders.

How does the arms industry achieve this? Come see for yourself how they work in the countless arms lobby events in Brussels. Where arms dealers and policy makers meet to shape our security and our future. Where critical voices are not welcome.

Our politicians are putting the security and migration policy in the hands of the arms industry. That will only lead to more weapons, more violence, more war.

We won't let that happen. Our future is at stake. We invite ourselves to these conferences to make the case for a safe and peaceful Europe on a human scale, for sustainable solutions and good governance.

Want to join? Become an arms trade stopper!

1. follow a training course to find out more about the arms lobby and what goes on at these arms lobby events, to get to know other arms trade stoppers and to prepare for different situations you may find yourself in (what to do when you get inside? what to do when you are arrested? what to say to to politicians, the public or security guards? how to film with your smartphone?) Check our facebook page for planned training courses. Or help us organise a training course in your city. Contact us for more info. 

Training days start at 10 AM and finish no later than at 6 PM. Participation is free of charge but registration is mandatory. The course is in Dutch, if you need translation to French or English, please let us know when you register.

2. sign up to our arms trade stopper alert list (by sending an email to and you'll be the first to hear about scheduled arms lobby events.

3. Join our facebook group 'Arms trade stoppers group' and stay informed of upcoming events and support actions.